A new species to Ecuador: Yellow-throated Vireo

Yellow-throated-VireoThe Yellow-throated Vireo Vireo flavifron has only recently been recorded in Ecuador. To date there are three records of this boreal migrant in Ecuador, all coming from the northern part of the country, both east and west of the Andes. The records are as follows: (1) the first record was a bird seen in February 2008 by Jonas Nilsson at WildSumaco, prov. Napo. He observed the vireo in a mixed-species flock along the Coopmans trail and it was only seen once. (2) In November 2011 Alejandro Solano found a Yellow-throated Vireo in riparian forest along the Tululbi river, near San Lorenzo, prov. Esmeraldas. He was able to get both audio and video documentation of the record. (3) The most recent record involves a bird that was found in March 2012 at Reserva Los Cedros, prov. Imbabura. The residents at the reserve initially thought that it was a Chocó Vireo Vireo masteri but Juan Freile was the first to identify it as Yellow-throated Vireo. The bird was seen while feeding on insects attracted by the light of the dining room and apparently it had been stationary for a few days. During its stay it often showed well which allowed Jaime García to take some spectacular photographs.

Juan Freile and Jaime García (photo)


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