Jungle and birding lodges in South America

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1 Las Gralarias Guest House
The birding lodge is situated on the equator (2000m asl), surrounded by primary Chocó cloud forest of Reserva Las Gralarias and just two hours from Quito.
2 El Monte Sustainable Lodge
Luxury eco-lodge along the rio Mindo, Ecuador.
3 Wild Sumaco
A new lodge in Ecuador's Eastern Foothills - built for birders by birders.
4 Cabañas kopal in Baeza
Nice place to stay in Baeza on your birding trip. Great pizzas and Cock-of-the-Rock.
5 Copalinga
Excellent place to stay for birding Rio Bombuscaro, Zamora.
6 Yankuam Lodge
Lodge at Cordillera del Condor in south-east Ecuador. Good base for trips to Orange-throated Tanager and Royal Sunangel.
7 Alambi Cloud Forest Reserve
Reserve and lodge located in the lower part of the Tandayapa Valley.
8 Cabañas San Isidro
Excellent birding lodge inside pristine cloudforest located on the eastslope of the Ecuadorian Andes.
9 Maquipucuna Lodge
Located within the Choco-Andean Bioregion
10 Tundaloma Lodge
Nice place to stay when birding far North-west Ecuador (San Lorenzo, Esmeraldas).
11 Tandayapa
Birding lodge located in the Tandayapa valley.
12 Bellavista Cloudforest
Lodging in the upperpart of the Tandayapa Valley.
13 Tinalandia
Lodging in the western foothills of the Andes, close to Santo Domingo.
14 Playa de Oro
One of the few places with substantial pristine Choco lowland forest in Ecuador. The birding is superb.
15 Santa Lucía Reserve
Cloudforest reserve on the westslope of the Andes in Ecuador.
16 Sani Lodge
One of the Amazon lodges along the Rio Napo, Ecuador.
17 Napo Wildlife Center
One of Ecuador's Amazon lodges.
18 Sacha Lodge
Amazon lodge along the Rio Napo.
19 La Selva Jungle Lodge
Amazon Lodge along the Rio Napo.
20 Casa Upano
Perfect base for birding the Macas area. Red-billed and Mouse-colored Tyrannulets in the garden!
Aves Ecuador by Dušan M. Brinkhuizen