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Ecuador's ultimate birding website: latest Ecuador bird observations, Ecuador birdforum, Ecuador birdphoto gallery, birdwatchers ranking of Ecuador and more!
2 Sapayoa Nature Photography - Ecuador Bird Photo Galleries and more!
Photo galleries of Dušan Brinkhuizen. A fast growing stock of quality digital bird and nature photos from mainly Ecuador and Peru. Including flora, fauna and landscape photo galleries.
3 Yahoogroups Aves Ecuador
Mailinglist of ornithologists in Ecuador.
4 Aves & Conservación
BirdLife partner in Ecuador.
5 Fundación Jocotoco
Ecuadorian organisation established to protect land of critical importance to the conservation of Ecuador's endangered birds and associated biodiversity.
6 Mindo Cloudforest Foundation
Innovative, community based conservation in Ecuador. Reserves include Milpe and Rio Silanche Bird Sanctuaries.
7 Las Gralarias Foundation
Protecting rare and endemic birds, plants and other animals as well as support reserve management, reforestation efforts, biological research, environmental education projects, scholarships, and appropriate tourism programs.
8 Devoted to birding in Ecuador and Peru
Download copies of trip checklists for Ecuador and Peru and plate indices to the Birds of Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.
9 Jatun Sacha
Twenty years working for the conservation of Ecuador's megadiverse tropical, and mountain ecosystems.
10 Ecuador birding facts by Fatbirder
As a birding hotspot, Ecuador is coming of age with some of the best and easiest birding in the world.
11 Fundación Natura
Fundación Natura Ecuador.
12 Rio Pucuno Foundation
The non-profit Rio Pucuno Foundation was established for the express purpose of furthering our primary goal of buying and preserving rainforest in the Rio Pucuno/Sumaco area before it disappears.
13 Birding Ecuador by Derek Kverno
Reports, Reflections, and Resources of an Independent Birder Living in Ecuador.
14 Birdingsiteguide - Ecuador
Birding sites and bird species lists in Ecuador.
15 Bosque Cerro Blanco
Organization and reserve devoted to the conservation of habitats in South-west Ecuador.
16 Reserva Los Cedros
A non-profit biological reserve in the cloud forest of the Ecuadorean Andes.
17 EcoMinga Foundation
EcoMinga Foundation - Conserving Ecuador's Biodiversity.
18 Art by Lou Jost
Botanical Art and Wildlife Art and more.
19 La Esperanza - Reserva Ecologica
IBA ecological reserve (200 hectares) on the west slope of the Ecuadorian Andes (1350-1750m asl) just two hours from Quito.
20 Reserva Biológica del Río Bigal
Biological reserve (over 1000 hectares) located on the east slope of the Ecuadorian Andes (500 - 1100m asl). It forms an important buffer zone with the Parque Nacional Sumaco. Managed by Fundacion Sumac Muyu.
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Aves Ecuador by Dušan M. Brinkhuizen