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1 Neotropical Bird Cub
Association for birdwatchers and ornithologists in the Neotropics. Journals are named Neotropical Birding and Cotinga.
2 World Twitch - Neotropical
Bird news from Central and South America and the Caribbean.
3 South American Classification Committee (SACC)
A classification of the bird species of South America by the American Ornithologists' Union
4 CASA - Colaboraciones Americanas Sobre Aves
CASA is a multi-national, web-based project with the goal of increasing the quality and quantity of research on the reproductive biology and natural history of birds in the Americas.

Help this great project by uploading photos of eggs, nests etc.!
5 Neotropical Birds
Neotropical Birds is an authoritative, online resource for life histories of Neotropical birds.
6 Birding Peru
Birding portal of Peru.
7 Chile Aves
Bird pictures from Chile.
8 Finding Birds in Costa Rica
Website about birding in Costa Rica
9 Info Natura
Animals and Ecosystems of Latin America.
10 Neobird - mailinglist on birding in Neotropics
News and bird observations in the Neo Tropics.
11 Conservation Birding (ABC)
Go Birding - Save Species!
12 Cracid Specialist Group
Website about cracids (family of gamebirds, Cracidae).
13 American Bird Conservacy - ABC
Not-for profit organization whose mission is to conserve native wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas.
14 Rainforest Concern
Rainforest Concern is established to protect threatened natural habitats and the biodiversity they contain, together with the indigenous people who still depend on them for survival.
15 Birdwatching in the Neotropics by Charles Hesse
This website contains logistical information and bird lists from over 200 sites in the Neotropics.
16 Birding in Mato Grosso and Brazil
Website on birding in Mato Grosso and Brazil.
17 Birds in Suriname
Website about birds in Suriname with many photos.
18 DATAves Colombia - eBird
The Colombian portal to eBird. A real-time, online checklist program.
19 ProAves Colombia
A Colombian NGO dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats through research, outreach and direct conservation actions in collaboration with local communities.
20 Neotropical Birding Blog
Blog with latest news facts on Neotropical Birding.
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