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1 Sapayoa Nature Photography - Ecuador Bird Photo Galleries and more!
Photo galleries of Dušan Brinkhuizen. A fast growing stock of quality digital bird and nature photos from mainly Ecuador and Peru. Including flora, fauna and landscape photo galleries.
2 VIREO - Visual Resources for Ornithology
Professional web database of bird photos. An excellent collection of Neotropical species.
3 Birdpix
Database website with bird photos from all over the world.
4 IBC - the Internet Bird Collection
Extensive database of bird videos, bird sounds and bird photos from all over the world.
5 Flickr: The Neotropical Birds Pool
A nice collection of Neotropical bird photos by various photographers on Flickr.
6 Birds of Peru
Flickr: Birds of Peru. Comprehensive group pool of bird photos from Peru.
7 by Nick Athanas
A photo gallery of Neotropical birds (1100+).
Extensive all-media bird website with tons of photo's,sounds and data.
9 Birdway - Ian Montgomery
Bird photos by Ian Montgomery including pictures from South America.
Pictures of European and Finnish birds with voices.
11 CASA - Home Colaboraciones Americanas Sobre Aves
CASA is a multi-national, web-based project with the goal of increasing the quality and quantity of research on the reproductive biology and natural history of birds in the Americas.

Help this great project by uploading photos of eggs, nests etc.!
12 Bird photos from Neotropics by Arthur Grosset
Collection of bird photos from the Neotropics.
13 Roger Ahlman's Bird Photos
Collection of bird photos from Ecuador and Peru.
14 Stolmstead's photostream
Photo collection of Neotropical birds by Scott Olmstead.
15 Digiscooppix
Database of bird photos made with digital camera and telescope (digiscoping). A sister-website of Birdpix.
16 Photo galleries of William Price
Photo gallery with bird pictures from Brazil, Cuba and Europe.
17 Mangoverde - freely accessible multimedia field guide to all of the world's bird speciesWorld Bird Guide
Freely accessible multimedia field guide to all of the world's bird species. Tons of bird photos, videos and sounds.
18 Photo Galleries of Sam Woods
A collection of bird photos made by Sam Woods.
19 Birds, Bugs and Beyond... by Martin Reid
Website by Martin Reid with many bird photos.
Wildlife image archives by Stephen J. Davies
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Aves Ecuador by Dušan M. Brinkhuizen