Birding websites from all over the world

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1 American Birding Association
North America's largest membership organization for active birders.
2 Dutch Birding
The national website for birdwatchers in The Netherlands
3 Oriental Birding Club
Popular Asian Birding site with an excellent image database.
4 Kenya Birds
Website about birding in Kenya.
5 the American Ornithologists' Union
The oldest and largest organization in the New World devoted to the scientific study of birds.
6 Birdwatching Australia
Website about birdwatching in Australia.
Finland's most popular bird pages. A good collection of bird photos from Ecuador too!
8 Jörgs Kolibri Homepage
Website about hummingbirds.
Website on birds in the Lauwersmeer. The latest bird news from the Northern part of The Netherlands. A large collection of bird photos from all over the world.
10 Avifauna Groningen
Professional birding website for the province of Groningen, the Netherlands. Observations, Forum, Media Gallery and more.
11 Western Palearctic Birds
Database Website with the status of birds that have been reliable recorded in the Western Palearctic (data accepted by national rarity committees).
12 WP observations by
Danish birding website with daily updated WP observations and an excellent photo database.
13 Le Monde de l´Ornithologie
Birding website by Valéry Schollaert
14 Lost in Birding
Birding blog by Sam Woods.
15 British Bird Lovers
Dedicated to all you bird lovers.
16 Community BirdLife International
The BirdLife Community is the place where the world’s biggest conservation Partnership talks with you about their work.
17 The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Non-profit organization with focus on study, appreciation, and conservation of birds.
Aves Ecuador by Dušan M. Brinkhuizen