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1 The Searchable Ornithological Research Archive SORA
Open access electronic journal archive - view ornithological publications here!
2 Ornitologia Neotropical
Journal on Neotropical Ornithology.
3 Mindo Biological Station
Biological Station located near Mindo, El Monte Reserve and Eco-lodge.
4 Yanayacu Biological Station
Biological Station and centre for creative studies in North-eastern Ecuador.
5 Tiputini Biodiversity Station
By the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in collaboration with Boston University principally for research, education and conservation.
6 Neomorphus
A site devoted to research, conservation and exploration in the tropics.
7 BirdNet
Birdnet provides information for and about ornithology. Birdnet is provided by the Ornithological Council, a public information organization established and supported by eleven Western Hemisphere ornithological societies.
8 Biodiversity Heritage Library
The digitization component of the Encyclopedia of Life, is a consortium of 12 major natural history museum libraries, botanical libraries, and research institutions organized to digitize, serve, and preserve the legacy literature of biodiversity.
Aves Ecuador by Dušan M. Brinkhuizen