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Links to companies which offer group and custom birdwatching tours

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1 Mindo Bird Tours
Bird tour operator specialized in Neotropical birding. Based in Ecuador (Mindo and Quito).
2 Andean Birding
Tourcompany specialized in birdwatching in Neotropics. Based in Ecuador.
3 Tropical Birding
Tourcompany offering custom and set-departure birdwatchingtours all over the world.
4 Guided Birding
The international bird guide register.
5 Guided Birdwatching
Guided Birdwatching is the link between the travelling birder and birding guides all around the world.
6 BirdingBreaks
Dutch tour operator offering comfortable bird- and nature tours around the world.
7 Inezia Tours
Birding tours, nature tours and more.
8 Birding Holland
Guided birding in the Netherlands.
9 Ecuador Experience
Tour Opérateur Naturaliste: Naturalist Tour Operator in Ecuador.
10 Clandestine Bird ‘Responsible Birding’
Birdwatching in Ecuador
11 Refugio Paz de las Aves
Go birding with brothers Angel and Rodriguez Paz: Ecuador's famous antpitta whisperers. A visit to this place is a birders must.
12 RealNature
Travel company based in Macas, Ecuador.
Aves Ecuador by Dušan M. Brinkhuizen