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This website is meant for all the birders and ornithologists that are interested in sharing the latest news on birds and birding in Ecuador. The main goal of Aves Ecuador is to stimulate birdwatching in a serious and popular scientific manner. Resident birders and birdwatchers who visited Ecuador are highly encouraged to report their recent Bird Observations, submit Rare Bird Records, publish Bird News items and participate on Ranking. The BirdLinks are regularly updated and do not forget to participate with the monthly Mystery Bird Competition. E-mail us to get the latest Ecuador Bird List. You can also follow our latest bird tweets on Aves Ecuador Twitter. The more people join watching and studying birds in Ecuador, the more information and knowledge will be available on its avifauna. Hopefully, this website will popularize birding in Ecuador, thereby increasing bird and eco-tourism and eventually contribute to conservation of areas in this unique and bird-rich country.

Esta página web es diseñada para todos los pajareros y ornitólogos que están interesados en compartir las últimas noticias sobre pájaros y birding en Ecuador. En esta etapa, la página web esta en inglés principalmente. Nosotros esperamos presentar en un futuro la versión en español. El banco de datos de Observaciones tiene la opción español.

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Bird of the Month - Puna Ibis at Limpiopungo, another NEW species to Ecuador!

Photo by Dušan M. Brinkhuizen 

Birds of the Month
Aves Ecuador by Dušan M. Brinkhuizen